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Pro Eighteen Hair Extensions

18in Nano Hair Extensions 12A* Grade 1gm ( 50g packs )

Our very own Hair Brand. Pro Eighteen 

Best Quality on the market. We have spent months researching and trialing many to bring to you only 5*. We are Proud to bring you this professional range.

Why 18in?

We believe in natural and healthy looking hair! These can be shortened to a desired length. 18in is THE perfect lenghth for natural looking hair, for legnth, volume and easy to manage.

Why Nanos?

Nano rings are the smallest micro ring system in the world with the Nano rings being 90% smaller and less detectable than standard micro rings. This gives our hair extensions a more natural appearance.

Not only can nano ring hair extensions be used on all hair types, but due to their subtle design, they’re also perfect for thinner hair!

Why Choose Pro Eighteen Hair Extensions?

- 100% Human Hair

- 100% Virgin Hair

-12A Grade Hair

- Cuticle Aligned

- No Chemical Process

- Double Drawn Hair


Olaplex Hair Care range is perfect to use on our Pro Eighteen Hair Extensions.




Our Online store will open soon!

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